SAMI (the Springfield Area Music Industry) has a mission to elevate the Springfield Music Scene to destination status through Education, Innovation, and Cooperation.

The Education portion of that platform is arguably the most important. SAMI is committed to educating:


On how to approach their craft as a business, how to get the most out of the resources available to them, and in general share what knowledge members have won through hard experience with as many within the scene as possible.


On how best to deploy promotional strategies in a digital age, how to get the most out of their local music scene, and how maximize the profitability of their venue with live music.


On how to further their craft, on how to provide audiences with the highest production levels possible, and what a healthy and vibrant scene means to the production industry.


On the value of a great live music industry, on how best to support their favorite bands and performer, and what sort of effort and expense goes into the performances they love so much.