SAMI For The Good of The Scene

The SAMI For The Good of the Scene Initiative is quickly becoming one of the most important missions of The Springfield Area Music Industry. At the end of each meeting we have nominated a local musician in need, and literally passed the hat to collect funds to help the nominated musician. To Date we are proud to say we have collected:

-$200 for Shane Jennings of Thrillfall when his daughter fell ill.

-$78 for Gary Jackson of Bad Dog No Biscuit to help with the expense of cancer treatment.

-$70 for Paul Golding of Tripleplay’s funeral expenses

-and $60 for John Buss of Wicked Shimmy when his child was born.

We are immensely proud of the scene for their direct contributions to these musicians in need, and hope to continue facilitating getting funds to the musicians in our industry who need them the most!

We are actively designing and deploying a system of collection points at many of your favorite venues as we speak, so that you can donate to the cause even if you don’t have time to make the monthly meetings. So be on the lookout for those!

Matt Baker, sound and lighting engineer (and Dance Commander) at Krave Seafood & Oyster Bar, generously and graciously performed his magic with sound and lighting at the Paul Golding Benefit. At the end of the afternoon, he donated BACK the money from his services!!! Additionally, he presented a $70 check from Springfield Area Music Industry (SAMI) to add to the donation bucket. Matt is the president of the SAMI organization and the donation represented a collection from their “For the Good of the Scene” outreach from the donations of the attendees at the last SAMI general meeting. #417SAMI #SAMI417 #SpringfieldAreaMusicIndustry #MusicDestinationCity #AmpEntertainment #Benefit #Fundraiser #ForTheGoodOfTheScene #Krave #donate #support #showlove

Posted by Barb Hensiek on Saturday, October 6, 2018