SAMI Media Blitz Event Description & Rules


The Springfield Area Music Industry is pleased to announce we have secured the sponsorship and support to move forward with our Media Blitz Event! This will be an exciting opportunity for the SAMI to demonstrate all tenets of our mission statement. Our mission statement is as follows:


To elevate the Springfield Area Music Industry through Education, Innovation, and Cooperation.


We believe this event will exemplify that mission statement in the following ways:


Event Description:

The Media Blitz event will be a multi-phase contest to ultimately select three bands to win a free EPK containing the following items:


The contest will be conducted as follows:

Eligibility Requirements:

In the interest of serving as broad a swath of the local music community as possible we have endeavored to make this contest as inclusive as possible. With that being said, there are some requirements:

  1. The band/artist must be professionally active, and must have played at least two shows in a professional capacity within a hundred mile radius of Springfield in the last calendar year. This will be subject to confirmation by the SAMI Benefit Show Committee.
  2. The band/artist must have an official facebook page that is active, and must share the contest announcement on said facebook page.
  3. The band/artist must “like” the SAMI facebook page
  4. The band/artist must be self-nominated. Other nominations and tags from fans and friends are appreciated, but unless the band/artist’s official facebook page shares the contest and likes the page their nomination will not be considered valid.
  5. The band/artist must be available for the entirety of the production process, and all transportation and lodging costs will ultimately rest upon the band/artist. Availability will also be subject to confirmation by SAMI Benefit Show Committee.
  6. Winning bands/artists that do not meet these requirements will be considered ineligible, and the slot will go to the band/artist with next highest number of votes.
  7. We will work to remove all ineligible band/artist’s prior to phase 2 beginning, but in the event that an ineligible band/artist makes it through to phase 2, that does not entitle them to winning. Only bands/artists that meet eligibility requirements are entitled to winning.


A Note from SAMI:

We urge band’s and artists to enter and help raise awareness for the contest and any other SAMI efforts vigorously. With that being said, we ask bands that are established and possessing of the resources to procure their own EPK to seriously consider our mission statement, and the goal of this event. We hope to provide these resources to bands/artists who do not have access to these resources on their own.

While established band/artists with said resources will be considered eligible, we ask that if you are in that category,  you do some soul searching before entering. Ask yourself; do we really need this badly enough to deny those resources to a band/artist who lacks them? If the answer is yes, you have our full support.  If the answer to that question is no, then please contact us about other ways you can participate and help elevate bands and artists that are less fortunate. Thank you and good luck to everyone!